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Male, age 51 years old
I live in Torquay, Devon ( United Kingdom )
I’m looking for new friends aged between 18-99 years old
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Brief Description of Rob
“ Hi, I am fairly new to the area and meeting new friends here has not happened for me yet so I thought that I would give this a try. I am easy to get on with, honest, caring and a loyal friend. I have some great lifelong friends in West Sussex but thats too far away from Torquay. I enjoy chatting away and putting the world to rights on most subjects apart from politics which leaves me cold. It would be really great to meet some like minded people to have a little fun with. My big love in life is music, I play the piano and guitar and am also an amateur music therapist. I am not a judgemental person but I detest racism,prejudice and cruelty. I am open minded and always interested to listen to people, I am a good listener and am told that I make anyone around me very comfortable. I also love playing pool, kayaking and driving around the countryside discovering new places. My interests are very broad and I have some nerdy hobbies too such as collecting fountain pens and restoring them and researching the great piano composers of the classical and romantic periods, I also enjoy drawing sacred geometry which is a great excercise in precision and a meditation in itself. I generally get on with anyone regardless of age, gender, class or beleif as long as those people are decent. I am an old fashined boy at heart and strongly beleive in good manners, dignity and respect although I am not easily offended by swearing or brashness lol, I may be old fashioned but I enjoy embracing new technology and new ways of living in the modern world. I do have a girlfriend who I am very much in love with but due to health issues and family commitments, we are unable to see each other as much as I would like. This leaves me alone in my flat which is fine for a while but I really need to have some friends to share time with, I am a people person and need good people to share my time with. Looking forward to meeting you, Rob :-) ”
More about Rob
Family Status : Attached
Employment : Employed
My Profession : Technical
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