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Make New Friends Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
Serious self portrait!
Female, age 43 years old
I live in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset ( United Kingdom )
I’m looking for new friends aged between 18-45 years old
I’m looking for friends for
Brief Description of Hazel
“ I'm a lesbian with an unhealthy interest in John Waters films and people with a pretty sick sense of humour. I love dogs, bare feet on sand, technology & gadgets, adventures and taking photos. I'm overweight and trying to do something about that but also have a keen interest in alcohol and cake (not together!) so not going too well so far! I like holiday and probably waste too much money on crap. Sometimes I love nothing more than to sit in front of the TV watching movies and drinking beer. I like cars and get to proper racing as well as banger racing a few times a year if I can. I moved to WSM 2yrs ago and still have no friends :-/ I love my partner, she's mad and lovely. Ex smoker who hates smoking now, not into drugs, can just about tolerate kids, don't eat meat, do drink coffee, work in IT, 36 years old going on 26 or 66 depending on my day. ”
More about Hazel
Family Status : Attached
Employment : Employed
My Profession : Technical
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