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Male, age 42 years old
I live in Manchester, Manchester ( United Kingdom )
I’m looking for Female friends aged between 18-99 years old
I’m looking for friends for
Brief Description of tony
“ i love a good ale! anywhere with a micro brewery attached is good for me. i am a computer engineer so a bit of a geek sometimes but then i get drunk and that fixes that. i am looking to make friends in and around manchester, dont really know what sort of people, not really that bothered as long as you're not an ass. not looking for angry drunks or loud ones hopefully you will know the type i meanso far this site seems to be the thing i am looking for, i had a dabble on and it seems to be all about relationships and hooking up. thats not what i am after. i have male friends and they are the best, but dont really have many female friends, and the ones i do have are off doing there own thing and we dont really see each other as often as we would like. i have a very dry sense of humor i would say bordering on wrong but it is all in jest. i do like a good laugh, from what i can remember. i can be very sarcastic and have been known to be whitty but that dont happen often.i have just come out of a long term relationship and looking to make some good friends. i need help! i need help with choosing clothes, ideas and just having someone to bounce the random dribble that comes out of my head before i share that with the world. this isnt all about me though i get that i will happily do the same in return, however you could do with getting a second opinion on any fashion advice i offer. i have selected wine as a drink i enjoy. technically this is a bit of a lie. i want to start drinking red wine, so far all bar 1 i have tasted has been not for me. but i am willing to keep trying. ”
More about tony
Family Status : Single
Employment : Employed
My Profession : Technical

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