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Female, age 37 years old
I live in Macclesfield, Cheshire ( United Kingdom )
I’m looking for new friends aged between 18-99 years old
I’m looking for friends for
Brief Description of Beth
“ I've been working in Macclesfield for a few months and will be living there too as of the end of September. I know a few people in the area (and Meetups is pretty good), but it would be nice to know more people outside of work in Macclesfield.I'm looking for some people to hang out with and go for a few beers in the evening. Pubs, cinema, comedy nights, walks, quizzes, picnics, exhibitions, or just takeaways in front of Netflix. All the usual stuff.I'm a medical writer (like every other person in Macclesfield it seems!) and a card-carrying science geek, but just as happy hanging out with non-scientists.My personality is pretty laid back and can get along with more or less anyone. I like: science! Also: knitting, science fiction, eating curry (or any spicy food), rain, how my cat's tongue always sticks out, science fiction, hazelnut coffee, Irvine Welsh, seeing a kingfisher, grape soda, reading, childish jokes about bums and willies, picnics and barbecues, crabs and lobsters, foreign films, duck-flavoured noodles, Nurse Jackie, pies, really dark or hoppy beer, art nouveau tiles, growing tomatoes, warm socks, fancy doorhandles, ugly-cute animals.I don't like: the Daily Mail, conversations about what car/mobile phone/boiler/TV someone just bought, cheese and onion crisps, driving on the motorway, mean people, floral wallpaper, jeggings, fruit herbal teas, badly-written books, banana-flavoured anything, mowing the lawn. ”
More about Beth
Family Status : Single
Employment : Employed
My Profession : Scientist / Researcher
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