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Female, age 25 years old
I live in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire ( United Kingdom )
I’m looking for new friends aged between 18-99 years old
I’m looking for friends for
Brief Description of Sasha
“ So, all of my friends have disappeared to various uni's and I'm looking for a/some new drinking buddy(s)! Don't be fooled by the fact that I'm 18 and female. I've got my head screwed on for my age, and GENERALLY women get on my nerves with all of their bloody bitching and whinging. I enjoy drinking (obviously), and get annoyed that I have a really high alcohol tolerance. I smoke, quite a bit. I like playing my xbox, reading and listening to music. My music taste varies a lot. Anything from Michael Jackson to Marilyn Manson, Eminem to Disturbed- I'm not too keen on the stuff in the charts though.I have quite a twisted sense of humour, so please don't bother if you're offended easily, we probably won't get anywhere. I'm up for a laugh, and will give pretty much anything a go.I am in a happy relationship, and am just looking for good friends to drink and laugh and be ridiculous with. If you've seen BLACK BOOKS, I'm apparently rather a lot like Bernard, if that helps. ”
More about Sasha
Family Status : Attached
Employment : Employed
My Profession : Other

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